Thursday, 31 March 2011

Some bodywork...

Did some minor body work today on the Rally.

The front fender has a dent on top...

And both sidecowls had some minor dents that easily could be fixed.

Of course; standard on all Vespas, the ventilation grill has been bent.  

A hammer, some counterweights and patience does the trick.

And voila! Ventilation grill is OK and the dent on the upper part of the cowl has been removed.

Same with left side. Notice this part is shining a bit more. The cowling was treated with a paint renovator, and it shines. Oh yes. Very pleased with the result!

Latest addition today was test fitting of a new spare tire cover. This part was missing from the bike when it was bought, new plastic part ordered from SIP.

The Rally is soon ready for approval & registration, will probably change tires just to be on the safe side, both for approval reasons as well as for safety when riding to Vespa World Days in Gjøvik (Approx 600kms from here).

Things on the todo list before registration:
  • Fix electric bug; Horn only works when lights are off.
  • Install new speedometer.
  • Install new tank, which also needs a coat of paint.
  • Acquire matching paint.
  • Fix handlebars to non-turnsignal.
On Monday I will hopefully get a better date for registration than 10th of May. In addition to being awckwardly close to riding to Gjøvik, I'm also on vacation on Cyprus... I might have to go to Egersund (1 hour drive) for earlier appointment.

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