Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Some parts for the Rally arrived from SIP today, read about it here.

The order contained a Rally gasket set, and I was pretty happy with finding most of the flat carb gaskets in there. So the carb and carb box was rebuilt with new gaskets. 

A new petrol hose was also installed.

The new tank misses tank lid, not very comfortable using the old lid as it contained a lot of rust. Probably have to put in another order for some small parts. Typical.

Spare wheel cover in plastic, as it should be on the Rally.

New grips, without the holes for the blinkers.

I've also ordered a fastflow fuel tap, not sure whether this will be needed on the Rally.

But back to the scooter: I managed to bolt the whole bike back together, and it started on the first kick, but died immediately.

Now the bike actually behaves more nervous than before; The scooter will work for a couple of seconds, then it feels like there is no more petrol left or no petrol getting to the cylinder. After a few minutes, the procedure can be repeated. Very peculiar.

I can try changing the tank to see if the actual tank is the problem. The petrol hose can probably be shortened a bit. I might just use the tank from the SS for test purpose, as the new tank will need paint before installation.

I'm running out of options here. Ignition timing remains to be checked. But I rather hope that the unoriginal fuel valve is causing all this, but don't understand how.

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