Tuesday, 8 March 2011

1975 Vespa 200 Rally Electronic acquired from Stockholm!

The search for a 200 Rally has ended, this specimen has been collected in person from Stockholm.

I drove Stavanger-Oslo (580km), 1 hour pause, and then Oslo - Stockholm (540km) to pick up this lady:

1975 model, 14000kms on the speedo, been out of service since 2000. 

Very straigth body, little rust, notice Cuppini bars, mirrors, turnsignals...

Side panels fairly straight, an original...


But overall condition: Extremely good considering age!

Some suspect work done on the tank, the tank has been welded on top.

And the engine has a fair amount of oily debris attached, to be investigated... 

Picture taken on return to Oslo, where the weekend was spent at my sisters. 

Couldn't resist trying ot start her even in -12 degrees C, to the kid's joy. 

Back in Stavanger the Rally has been stuffed into my rather chaotic garage... 

As far as I understand, Vespas were only manufactured in one color? 

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