Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Investigation continues...

After installing a new garage door opener which hopefully provides safer parking for my Vespas, I had some time to inspect the Rally further. First off: Speedometer.
First surprise: The speedo doesn't work. I'd seen it dance around, but obviously that was only because of the road bumps. Second surprise: When taking the speedo out from the headset to check the speedometer cable, I notice the damaged chrome rim, hidden under red tape (not on picture) The speed has been tampered with - severly. Severly, as in beyond repair. Beyond repair, like in FUBAR. Look it up.

Although the speedometer cable did turn around, I wasn't too impressed with the quick fix at the front wheel. Think it's safe to say I need to order both cable and a new speedo. 

Well, at least I know the speedo was damaged at 14000km. Question remains however: How many kms has it run afterwards... 

I've ordered a new tank already, but haven't ordered a new lid. On second thought; I might as well change the lid as well, the air vents to the tank through the lid seemed pretty rusted. 

The signal horn was also tested, and did provide some summing with a 6V DC supply. The rubber seal under the horn was missing, and I notice the size of the horn is larger than on the SS. New horns have been ordered just to be on the safe side. I suspect that the cabling has been tampered with, all lights function but I am unable to turn off front lights completely... When pressing the horn the lights go out. El schematics and color coding to be checked. 

The front wheel looks OK, unsure whether it has been resprayed or not. 

Brakes seem ok.

Motor hasn't sweated any more after the cleaning, so I might be lucky here.

Yesterdays test spin (a bit longer this time): The scooter is quick and responsive up to 80% RPM, after that it looses power totally, and backfires. Carburettor or ignition problem? I've probably have to check both.

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