Saturday, 25 May 2013

Service and maintenance prior to Classic Scooter Run to Oslo in June, part 1

Classic Scooter Run is in Oslo this year, and it's probably time to get the Rally in tip top shape. Lately, I've had to choke the motor in order to get it to run properly; probably a good idea to clean out the carburettor.
Another issue is the damaged damper rubber in the front, parts have been ordered.  

 In need of a wash after the winter...

The spare wheel cover fell of during a rideout, new one ordered...
 The Rally cowls are in amazingly good state, only some minor surface rust some places on the inside. Degrease and wash.
And into the garage we go...
The front drum and brakes were dismantled for brake service, and at the same time access to the damaged damper rubber in the back.

Am a bit reluctant; I have a new damper available for the Rally, but an uncertain about changing at this stage.

Closeup; Rubber totally skewed.

Rearend got the same treatment; full break service.
The brake drums have seen better days...
So I decided to degrease and glass blast them as I did on my 180SS

Glass blasted drums with a layer of primer, will get some coats of silver and clear before I'm finished.
The carburettor was dismantled into atoms and run through the Ultrasonic Cleaner.

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