Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Saddle fix

Time for a saddle overhaul. The original saddle on the Rally is in exceptionally good condition for its age, but has started to crack up. I've fixed it several places with black tape, but new cracks emerge, so it was about time to fix. Mauro Pascoli saddle cover, strap, "button" on back, and new screws to attach the strap was procured from SIP several months ago, just been waiting for the right moment to do the job.

The saddle looks ok...

closer inspection reveals tape repairs...

and some problems with the seams.

New cover, pretty similar to old. Softer though.

The inside reveals practically no rust, no restauration of the saddle chassis necessary.

Time to peal off. Strap unscrewed and fixing clamps removed from inside.

Tear off from back...

Revealing the foam in good condition...

 Some minor damage on the sides, but nothing to worry about.

 Back is complete.

 New "button" attached.

 "Button" on inside.

Navigate the new cover into place, and secure with clamps.

Use some time to get the cover symmetrical and even.

Attach the saddle strap...

 and voila.

Saddle as good as new, and it didn't even take me a full hour.

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