Sunday, 1 May 2011

Rally colors part 2 + some electric diagnostics

This is my struggle. No match. I'm leaning towards the Lacquer Red.

On the next picture, I've added the swatched with tape and no white just right from the spare wheel (the tubeless tire by the way, had to check if the 2,5" rim fitted, which it does), where the white line is. Still no match in broad daylight.

Over to option 2. The guy from has emailed me back, and we've struck a deal for some red color codes translated from the Max Meyer codes. Off to the local paint shop.

But: The local paint shop couldn't mix the codes, even if they supply Dupont paint. They've obviously got another Dupont system. Dah. Running out of options here. When explaining my frustration to the paint shop clerk, he showed me a suitcase of red swatches, which they didn't show me the last time I was there. I was possibly saved!

Out of the suitcase I found the closest match in the red - orange flavour, and got a spraycan mixed.

This was a few days ago. Today, the tank lid was taken from the original tank and sandblasted in it's atomic parts, and both the lid and new tank got a fresh primer layer.  

The handlebar covers and some blind plugs received same treatment. As soon as the weather permits it, the parts will be painted. Hopefully tomorrow, as the parts must dry properly before installing them in the Rally again.


The electrics on the Rally confuses me. Since it's a battery model, the horn is 6V AC while the rest of the lights are 6V DC.

Up until now, the lights have in some way functioned, but the horn didn't. And there was no way of turning off the lights completely.

Short version: I've not been successful in finding the correct Rally wiring diagram. Several wiring diagrams exist, but not correspond to the one I have for some reason.

I've done some testing with the the wiring above, testing the functions by swapping the cables around.

The result so far: Switching the two cables providing the horn signal gave much better light, but the functions are not quite right yet. I'm not able to turn off the light. The speedo light is only working in one position; the wrong one by the way. The horn still doesn't work, when I've previously got it to work in one position etc.

I've ordered some new light control panels, as I think this unit might have been replaced with a wrong unit.
But: As far as getting the bike approved, this will hopefully only provide a punch which has to be corrected at a later stage. Only a couple of days left now...

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