Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Registration & approval day

Finally, the day had come!

08:00 sharp I went to "Statens Vegvesen" to get the bike approved and registered.

08:10 they found out that an important piece of paper was missing. F**k. When importing the scooter from Sweden I paid VAT at the customs office at Ørje, but they failed to give me the correct form which Statens Vegvesen needs for even starting the approval. F**k. How could I know that the form I got was not the correct one? F**k!!!

After a telephone call and a visit to the local customs office in Stavanger, I actually managed to obtain a copy of the missing document, and returned to Statens vegvesen around 09:30. But I was out of luck, they didn't have time to help me.

New appointment is scheduled for May 13th. Only problem is that I am on Cyprus then... But one problem at a time.

I need to get the bike registered before May 18th, we leave for Vespa World Days in Gjøvik then. This is going to be a close call...

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