Sunday, 9 June 2013

Final preparation before going to Classic Scooterrun 15 in Oslo

Not a minute too late; a backorder from SIP turned up the day before CSR15. In the package was a set of Cuppini luggage carriers, both for the front and back. They were immediately installed on the Rally.

 Parts in the box. At this point everything seems ok.

Installed, but not just plug and play. 

The parts didn't fit together as I'd expected, the lower "hooks" to hold the front carrier were not wide enough for holding around the legshield chrome beed, and I had to modify the hooks to get the carrier fixated. This process broke one of the fixing rods, but I managed to salvage it somewhat. I had to modify some of the nuts and bolts that came with the set to get it installed, and I found it weird that the lower fixations were of metal only. But: Short on time, I had to get it to work. 

I learned a day later, at the Classic Scooterrun 15 that there should have been two rubberized clamps included in the set, which connects to the "z" fixing rods! I will have to send SIP a complaint on this. The carrier is fine, but all the nuts & bolts and small items will be required for a proper install. 

Anyways: Content with the look and not at least the functionality! 
Ready for Classic Scooterrun 15 in Oslo!

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